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If staying healthy was just Vitamins and Minerals you can get from a bottle, you and I would live forever.

The reality is that we have fast-food and processed-food diets, sit on your butt jobs, toxins and STRESS.

Nothing will take the place of healthy food, exercise, clean water and sound sleep. But the next best thing is to support your body's natural ability to heal with supplements that help you return to robust health that includes a trim healthy body and a sharp mind. It just makes sense to use the herbs and fruits and vegetables that nature has provided.

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 Natural is Not Easy - Living Green

Eating natural foods in a natural state and living green. One would think this is a new concept instead of an ages old concept. Once it was just a necessity. There was very little in the way of processed food - just canned goods and smoked meat. Everything was recycled and everyone did the recycling.

Automation and factories took the canning out of the home kitchen. In fact, it took the cooking out of the kitchen. I wonder if the inventor of the TV dinner had any idea of the havoc he released. I see people at the store buying nothing but frozen dinners. No fresh produce, no fruit canned or fresh and beer and wine and sodas fill out the order. These meals are being fed to children as well as adults.......




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