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I live in San Antonio, Texas.  We have no winter to speak of but we have killer summers with very high humidity.  I have flowers in my yard all year long but we only have to mow once a month in the winter.

There are 6 of us in our little 3 bedroom house.  My oldest daughter had to move back home with her 2 little daughters and I became a full time babysitter.

We have dogs and cats and fish.  We have health and fun and frustrations and temper tantrums.

I write from the heart and love to do the research on health issues.  I have a hospital background (12 years) and I long ago decided that hospitals are a place to visit or work but not to stay.  Life is too  short to spend your days in a bed with needles and lousy food.

Your doctor should be your friend.  He or she should listen to your complaints and ask a multitude of questions including your use of herbs.  I believe your doctor's primary goal should be to help you stay healthy and prevent disease.  If your doctor does not fit this description - if you can with your insurance policy - find a new doctor.

You can email me or call 210-655-7210

If you have a question, please just ask.

Sharon Owen
13331 Los Indios
San Antonio Tx 78233




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