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Acne Care

Treatment Prevention

If it was an easy fix, no one would be plagued by acne.  There are so many things to consider when trying to defeat acne.

What products do you choose to buy?

What skin care regimen will you follow?

If you use a certain product will it stop you from going out in the sunshine?

As a teenager, you may be severely limited in the funds department and your parents may not have an insurance that will cover treatment and no funds for a doctor visit.  That leaves you trying the over the counter medications.

Although your peers may have acne also, that is one group you do not want to be part of. 

If you had acne as a teenager, you may still be fighting it in your 20's and 30's and beyond.

Check out the articles, the opinions of others, the natural methods, the diet changes, and your personal habits.  The answers are there.

  • The Truth.html
  • Natural Acne Treatments
    Natural Acne Treatments I really liked this article on home treatments for acne. I have one of my own
  • Acne Treatments and Medications
    There are many standard medications for the treatment of acne. If you decide that your acne is not responding to over-the-counter treatments, it would be wise to visit your local family doctor.
  • Fade Acne Scars
    We all want to look as good as possible. Fading those acne scars is as important as that hair style
  • The Great Acne Myths
    The Great Acne Myths If something is repeated long enough and often enough, it becomes a FACT.



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