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Aloe Vera is New Life

I grow Aloe Vera in my back yard and in my front yard.  It is almost as prolific as any garden weed.

You can break off a joint and stick it in the dirt and it will take root and grow. You cut off the thick fleshy leaves to treat your ills, and the plant grows bigger. The more you use it, the more it spreads and grows.

During the rainy season my Aloe Vera grows tall and thick and the leaves are large and thick.  During a drought such as we had this summer, my Aloe Vera shrinks and shrivels. It loses its lovely green color and turns somewhat brown.  It looks old and dying.  The leave become thin and when split there is not much "meat" inside.

You may ask why I don't hand water this valuable plant that everyone in my home uses.  It is the miracle of what I see when the rains finally come.

This weak looking, brown old plant simply rejuvenates when the rains come.

It would seem that over night the plants double in size.  The leaves fill out and become thick with gel again. 

I often wonder if that almost dying and being rejuvenated makes a stronger plant -- a more potent plant.

To me the Aloe Vera is a symbol of new life from the old. It is a promise that age and bad conditions do not have to kill but rather can just make stronger. 

It is an affirmation that when times are good, the good should be used to grow stronger knowing that there will follow a time of want and need.

The Aloe Vera grows bigger each time it is used.  I know that sharing and giving is the best way to increase my own self.  No matter the season or condition of the plant, it still shares its healing self whenever it is needed.

Is Aloe Vera the perfect plant? It contains over 75 known active ingredients, (probably many more), 19 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that the body can't produce itself.

You can eat or drink it or put it on your skin. Aloe Vera will sooth a mosquito bite or a sun burn.  It will help hands that have been in too many cleaning products or sooth a rash or just take the pain and inflammation out of an injection site from a shot. Remember that when you get your flu shot this year.

There are many commercial products that contain Aloe Vera.  Some are good and some are not.  If you put enough preservatives and additives in anything good you can turn it into something not so good.  Consider the source of your commercial Aloe Vera products.  Your best source may just be your back yard or a sunny window sill.

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