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Bad Breath

Oh How Embarrassing!

Do you talk to people with one hand in front of your mouth?  Do you make sure there is always a few feet between you and the person you are speaking with? Are you constantly popping mints or chewing gum? 


Millions of people suffer embarrassment due to bad breath.  The technical name for bad breath is "halitosis."  Take a walk down the personal care aisle of any drug or grocery store and you will find product after product all dealing with this condition.

Interesting to note is the fact that dental hygiene was practiced as far back as ancient Greece and Rome.  The Greeks used to chew on anise seeds.  Anise tastes like licorice.  The Romans discovered that chewing on parsley would disguise the smell of alcohol on their breath.  They were probably unaware that parsley is high in chlorophyll which turns carbon dioxide into oxygen making it a natural as one of the first breath fresheners.

Before toothbrushes, people used twigs - split and frayed at one end - to clean their teeth.

Restaraunts will sometimes put a sprig of parsley on your dinner plate. Don't leave it, when you have finished eating - chew on the parsley.  Especially after eating onions and or garlic.  They are good for your health but not your breath.

Everyone has an occasional problem with bad breath which is why Americans spend more than $200 million a year on products to freshen the breath.  Pills, mouthwash, breath mints, toothpaste and more comprise this industry.

Bad breath that is persistent, consistent and resistant to normal remedies can be symptomatic of a more serious condition.  Please see your dentist for a first line check up to eliminate serious physical conditions as the cause of your bad breath.


Bad breath is the side effect of the action taken by certain bacteria that live in the mouth, the tongue and the tonsils.  The fact is that we all have these bacteria in our mouth.  These bacteria pretty much remain dormant until some action in their environment causes them to change.

Because they are anaerobic and sulfur producing, when they react to these changes they produce chemicals compounds.  Some of these compounds smell and taste terrible like hydrogen sulfide which smells like rotten eggs and other compounds.

Through a series of articles, lets look at some of these odors and possible causes and certainly possible cures.  Just click on a article title to go to that page.  While you are here, why not join us.  That way, you will never miss a new article.



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