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Baking Soda


We have talked about the wonders of vinegar before so today I thought we would talk about Baking Soda.

Everyone knows that baking soda does wonders for removing odors in the refrigerator. But - did you know that baking soda will also remove musty odors from drawers and closets.

Baking soda does not need to be kept in the little yellow box. You can put it in a decorative sprinkle bottle. A shallow dish works wells unless there is a possibility of turning it over.

Before storing those suitcases, put a little baking soda in an envelope - don't seal it. Just lay the envelope in the suitcase. If the baking soda spills, it won't hurt the suitcase but you would probably want to vacuum it out before your next trip.

Baking soda will keep a cat's litter box fresh. Try sprinkling it on the dog's bed. You can even sprinkle a little on the animal and brush out for a quick "dry" shampoo.

For a dry shampoo for humans, just turn on the baking soda.

Baking soda is the original rug freshener.  And if some of the powder stays in the rug, no harmful toxins to hurt you when you are barefoot.

Use a cup full of Baking Soda in your laundry.  It will completely eliminate any odors in the clothes.




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