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Can You Avoid Cancer

97% of cancers are caused by toxins,  only 3% are DNA or heredity.  Since the 1940's the toxin levels have been increasing daily on a global basis.  The earth is basically a sealed environment.  If you burn a forest on one continent it has an impact on the air we breathe all over the world.  If you dump toxic waste in the oceans it will change the quality of the fish in the oceans.

The job of your liver and kidneys is to filter out the toxins in your body and eliminate them before they can be stored in fat or mutate cells. Cancer in your body is an ongoing affair. Mostly your body is healthy enough to defeat cancer invasions. However, when the level of toxins becomes more than your liver can process, then cancers can gain a foot hold.

Even if the liver and kidneys manage to shift the toxins to the elimination area of your body, if that elimination is not complete or timely, the toxins just cross the barriers and return to the rest of the body for reprocessing.

So many people have bowel problems. Even if IBS is not a problem for you, you still have elimination problems. How is the environment of your intestines working? If in doubt a simple daily probiotic pill will correct that environment.  That will help stop the leaking of bad stuff back into the body. Because of our eating habits, most people lack sufficient fiber to correctly move toxins and waste out of the body. 

A better diet of raw colorful vegetables would help that fiber problem. But, if you won't go that route then take a fiber supplement.  Your choice, liquid or capsule.

OK, you added a daily probiotic pill and daily supplement fiber pills.  You increased your fluid intake so that the fiber pills could do their job. Now what, are you still at risk from the multiplicity of toxins in your environment. Sadly, the answer is yes.  Happily, there is more you can do.

Add supplements that neutralize free radicals - glutathion, alpha lipoc acid, grapeseed, revesterol.  The harder your liver has to work to eliminate toxins, the more free radical are set loose.

Read the ingredients label on all products.  It is not just what you eat.  Anything that touches your skin is absorbed. Anything you breathe is inside.  That air freshener may be doing slow insidious damage to your lungs and  nasal passages. An additive in instant mashed potatoes turns on a fat storage button. Your deodorant may be contributing to possible breast cancer. Yes, men can get breast cancer as well as women.

And while all of this information is swirling around in your brain, you must keep a positive attitude. That which you fear the most will come to visit you.  So, do as much as you can to keep a healthy body.  Do something every day to return your body to health  even if it is only a  walk around the block and a fiber supplement.  Use products with the fewest ingredients on the label.

If you think of cancer as a cousin to the common cold, you can deal with the whole thing.  What do you do to avoid "catching" a  cold?  Diet, exercise, cleanliness, vitamins, and some supplements.  Cold germs are inside you and all around you all the time.  Depending on your health, the cold can manifest or just pass on through.





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