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Cancer and Cancer Treatments

Cancer  such a totally scary word. Cancer Treatments are such an expensive and painful life-altering situation.  I am always on the look out for alternatives - always with disclaimers, always promising.

The best cure for cancer is for it to not start in the first place.  For most of us, just having a better life style and a better diet and a good way of dealing with stress is all the answer we need.

But if cancer has become your companion, hopefully  this information will help.

If you are currently in treatment or considering treatment - nutritional support is essential to help your body combat the side effects of cancer treatment. You absolutely must consult your physician before adding any herbal product.  Herbs are powerful and incorrectly taken can be deadly.

In the search for new treatment options,
A BLOOD test could be used to detect the early signs of lung cancer, according to a new study.

Now researchers in the US have found that people suffering from lung cancer have higher levels of four proteins in the blood than those without it.

They compared the levels of these proteins in the blood of nearly 100 lung cancer sufferers to the levels of nearly 100 people without the disease and were able to detect the illness with 80% accuracy.

Lead study investigator Edward Patz Jr, a radiologist at Duke University Medical Centre, said: "This study is the first step in developing a test that would allow us to sample a patient's blood and determine whether more invasive testing and treatment are necessary.

A positive outlook has always been and will always be the most powerful medicine in your fight against cancer.


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