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This information was passed to me from Ien of Amazon Herbs

Cancer Treatment Gravizon: Spagyrically Extracted Graviola

Gravizon contains 40% graviola (see below for a more detailed report by Health Sciences Institute), Arcozon, Recovazon, Envirozon, Camu Camu, Sangre de Drago, Uña de Gato, Suma, Abutta and Rainforest soy.

All the herbs are, of course, spagyrically extracted.

It is critical that anyone taking GRAVIZON also take Shipibo Treasure Tea, Aquazon, and Fiberzon regularly, the Fiberzon twice daily as recommended. The dosage for GRAVIZON is 1 teaspoon daily. If the body tolerates it, then you may increase to two to four teaspoons a day.

As you will read, graviola, especially when it is spagyrically extracted and combined with the other herbs, as it is in this formula, is extremely potent. Without the support of the other herbs and without the exit strategy provided by Fiberzon, GRAVIZON could present challenges to the spleen, liver, kidneys and large intestine.

HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE Members Alert for January 2001 Vol. 5, No 7

Billion-dollar drug company nearly squashes astounding research on natural cancer killer Colon and breast cancer conquered with miracle tree from the Amazon found to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Since our inception in 1996, Health Sciences Institute has scoured the world to find cutting-edge treatments few people have access to or have even heard about. And sometimes, what we uncover startles even the medical mavericks on our board.

Two months ago, we learned about an astounding cancer-fighting tree from the Amazon that has literally sent shock waves through the HSI network. Today, the future of cancer treatment and the chances of survival look more promising than ever. There's a healing tree that grows deep within the Amazon rain forest in South America that could literally change how you, your doctor, and possibly the rest of the world think about curing cancer. With extracts from this powerful tree, it may now be possible to conquer cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that doesn't cause extreme nausea, weight loss, and hair loss protect your immune system and evade deadly infections feel strong and healthy throughout the course of treatment boost your energy and improve your outlook on life.

Through a series of confidential communications involving a researcher from one of America's largest pharmaceutical companies, this ancient tree's anticancerous properties have recently come to light. Although not yet tested in human trials, the tree has been studied in more than 20 laboratory tests since the 1970s, where it's been shown to effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancer be 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug selectively hunt down and kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy.

So why isn't every health publication extolling the benefits of this treatment? Why hasn't it been made widely available throughout the natural-medicine community? And, if it's only half as promising as it appears to be, why isn't every oncologist at every major hospital insisting on using it on all his patients? Especially when you consider that since the early 1990s, extensive independent research--including research by one of today's leading drug companies and by the National Cancer Institute--confirms that the tree's chemical extracts attack and destroy cancer cells with lethal precision.

Graviola is 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug.

The answer to these difficult questions can only be explained by recounting a disturbing story we recently uncovered. More than anything else we've reported on this year, the story of this Amazon cancer treatment reinforces the need for groups like HSI and illustrates how easily our options for medical treatment are controlled by money and power.

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