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Chronic Diarrhea Is It IBS?

Having chronic diarrhea can be a symptom of many disorders. If you have consistent diarrhea problems and do not find that it is associated with any other symptoms, it may be a result of IBS.

By knowing why your digestive tract is responding this way, as well as knowing the possible solutions to slow down the bowel movement, you will be able to ease the symptoms of diarrhea in relation to IBS. 

If you have Diarrhea for more than 3 days you need to see your physician. Serious dehydration can be deadly.

Diarrhea is not considered part of IBS unless it is consistent for twelve or more weeks out of the year.

Once this has been established, you should see a doctor for testing to make sure that it is a result of irritable bowel syndrome and not another more serious problem.

Consistent diarrhea may be related to malabsorption, Crohn's disease or colitis. After examination, your doctor will be able to determine if these are the cause of the problems instead of IBS. 

It is important to get examined right away if you are suddenly having problems with your digestion. Chronic diarrhea may also be a result from surgery, such as removal of your bladder. These are important points to consider before determining whether you have IBS or not. 

Diarrhea, which is related to IBS, may be caused by trigger foods that are part of your diet. These then cause your stools to loosen. Liquids such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks are well known for causing this problem. Sugar substitutes are also largely attributed to diarrhea.

If you are lactose intolerant, (you can not tolerate dairy products), it may cause your digestive tract to react, causing you to have diarrhea. To avoid such symptoms, you can try cutting out substances such as these completely from your diet and see if your condition improves. 

You can also look at the inconsistencies of your stools. If you frequently have diarrhea, then it may be due to IBS. If it is abnormal, and happens more than three times a day, it may also be related to this syndrome.

Bloating and distension in the abdomen area are directly related to chronic diarrhea which is associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

You may find that you will occasionally have diarrhea, while other times you are constipated. This is a sign that you may have IBS. However, these are characteristic of other syndromes as well, and should be noted by a physician before deciding on treatment. 




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