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CoQ10 is not a new discovery but it is making news. 

Ever since some major hospitals revealed that they require their potential heart surgery patients to take CoQ10, this major supplement is now found in every corner store. 

That means you really have to research the maker or supplier.  Once again you get what you pay for.

Cholesterol and statins are all the news and CoQ10 is right there with a solution.

One of the most common side effects of statins is muscle weakness and pain.

This happens because statins mess up your body's production of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which all of the cells in your body rely on for energy. But the answer is as simple as taking more CoQ10 in supplement form to replace what the statins are taking away. The recommended dosage in this case would be 100 mg per day.

But give it up to four weeks to really make a noticeable difference, since it takes the CoQ10 that long to be fully absorbed by your body. 



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