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Do you need more Calcium if you exercise?

Most women are aware that a good intake of dietary calcium helps protect bones as you age.

Research from Rutgers University shows that one specific group of women may be underestimating just how much calcium they need. The Rutgers study found that a daily intake of calcium in excess of 1,200 mg may be a necessity for postmenopausal women who are trying to lose weight.

The Rutgers team examined calcium metabolism to estimate the amount of the mineral that's actually absorbed by postmenopausal women attempting to lose weight by combining an exercise program with a restricted calorie diet.

In a trial of nearly 60 women, researchers found that women who exercised and reduced their calorie intake absorbed considerably less calcium than women who didn't diet or exercise. Women in the diet/exercise group required 2,000 mg of calcium per day to prevent bone loss.

But simply upping the calcium supplement dosage may not be a good solution for everyone. Calcium binds acids, which may cause indigestion. Talk to your physician about supplemental calcium, and be alert to potential digestive problems if you decide to increase your dose.




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