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You see the ads on TV, you read about it in the papers and on the internet. You may be experiencing IT yourself. And yes, you can fix IT without pills.

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 18 million American men over the age of 20 according to researchers at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University.

We know that ED affects all men sometime for some reason or another. That first time leaves a scar on the memory and a fear that lays buried forever until it resurfaces later in life.

The researchers found a strong link between ed and age, heart health, diabetes and a lack of physical activity. No, you don't have to have all these problems but they do tend to go together. Research also shows that lifestyle changes may prevent or cure your ED.

"Physicians should be aggressive in screening and managing middle-aged and older patients for erectile dysfunction, especially among patients with diabetes or hypertension," said lead author Elizabeth Selvin. "The associations of erectile dysfunction with diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors may serve as powerful motivators for men who need to make changes in their diet and lifestyle."

American Journal of Medicine,  researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Advertisers would have you buy a pill, with all the bad possible side effects, rather than encourage you to get back into the exercise routine and healthy up your diet.

Think of ED as the first symptom of lost health. Doing the things that bring back erectile function also bring back heart health. You can do without the one but not the other.




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