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  • Help for Sciatica
    Sciatica I have had problems with sciatic pain most of my adult life. So did my mother and grandmother
  • Ribose -- an alternative to sugar
    Ribose -- an alternative to sugar Healthier than table sugar with the benefit of helping muscle recovery and giving you an energy boost
  • Addicted to Avocados
    Avocados contain good unsaturated fats that do not raise blood cholesterol
  • Heart Healthy Foods
    Everyone knows there are laws against false advertising. Maybe that is why we are so quick to buy the advertised so-called good foods
  • Lower Cholesterol
    10 Easy Tips to Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol This Month So you have high cholesterol and need to lower it?
  • Probiotics for constipation
    Probiotics for Constipation Think of probiotics as a prevention measure for both constipation and bowel health. Question and Answer session
  • Probiotics and Diarrhea
    Probiotics and Diarrhea One of the quickest ways to solve a diarrhea problem is with probiotics. Your gut must have the good bacteria in order to function properly
  • Why Drink Green Tea?
  • Natural is Not Easy Living Green
    Eating natural foods in a natural state and living green. One would think this is a new concept instead of an ages old concept. Once it was just a necessity.
  • Getting Older and Wiser
    Getting older, well old, is inevitable. The only way to avoid getting older is to die and getting old is much the better option.
  • Chemicals in Foods on the Grocery Shelf
    Chemicals on the Grocery Shelf We all know chemicals are there - in every product we buy from the store. But, do we know what they are called on the common label?
  • Carbon Monoxide
    Detectors may be a little expensive on a restrictive budget, but saving a life can have no price. New homes come equipped with carbon monoxide detectors but it is up to you to install them in older homes or apartments.
  • In Defense of Virginity
    052508--Since we are now facing a determined effort by big pharmaceuticals to give our daughters yet another vaccination to prevent cancers associated with multiple sex partners, this article has even more impact.
  • Mercury Poisoning
    Broken thermometer is mercury poisoning in your home.The most important thing to know about mercury is that it is poison. It is a cumulative poison that is absorbed easily through the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, or through broken skin.
  • Drug Safety
    Prescription Drug Safety Your doctor wrote you a prescription. He is supposed to know. He is the expert. But is that new drug really safe. Or, will you come up in a few years with cancer or heart disease or stroke or liver failure.
  • Drug Advertising and Reality
    Drug Advertising and Reality .Ah the miracle of advertising. TV introduced the world to the mind of the manipulator. The question was never is it good for you or bad for you but only how much money will it make.
  • Thanks
    Is it still time to say Thanks. I published this article by Charlie Page back in 2005. I re-read it today. Yes war, scandals, disasters, economic crisis but no bird flu. How many things do we fear that never come to pass?
  • Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is one of the most important causes of chronic liver disease in the United States
  • Improving Chi
    Do you know how to improve the Chi in your life? Improving Chi can be very simple.
  • Hearing_loss
    Hearing Loss - Is it Unavoidable? Our ears have these two main functions; allowing us to both hear and maintain our balance.
  • Hypoglycemia
    Hypoglycemia can effect any age - your diet and eating habits are of paramount importance.
  • Coffee Poison or Healthy Elixir
  • Stop_Disease_in_its_Tracks
    Stop Disease in its Tracks with Fitness and Exercise Exercise can prevent disease. A proven fact, and yet more Americans than ever are suffering from obesity. Even if you believe the new research that claims
  • Celiac
    Celiac is a true life changing disease. It effects the whole family. It curtails social functions
  • Celiac Diet
    Celiac Diet Gluten-free diet Persons with celiac disease must carefully monitor their diets.
  • diverticulosis
    Don't turn Diverticulosis into Diverticulitis It is that dreaded colonoscopy. You aren't worried about cancer and you have heard such horror stories. Yes pre - exam the prep is literally a pain in the butt, but the exam itself is under anesthesia and you have no pain.
  • Avoid Stress Protect your id
    simple steps to protect your id
  • Alexander Tech and back pain
    Alexander Tech posture and back pain
  • Colon Cleanser
    It is not a new concept - a colon cleanser. Once upon a time it was spring tonic. You got the tonic even if you didn't want it. The taste was less than desirable and the effect was quick and confining. You didn't dare stray too far from a bathroom
  • Bad Breath
    Bad Breath Oh How Embarrassing! Do you talk to people with one hand in front of your mouth?



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