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Herbal Home Remedies


Good Old Fashioned Home Remedies have been handed down from Grandma to Child.  Just a few hundred years ago, the local village healer would have picked an apprentice to teach all that knowledge to.

With the advent of modern medicine, we mostly forgot the old simple remedies and just left all the healing to doctors.

Doctors began to specialize because there was just too much information for any one person. And science became the ultimate - if a cure could not be explained - then it was folk medicine snake oil and was not a cure just a false belief by the mind.

You won't find a doctor today who will tell you to put tobacco ash on ring worm or treat your sinusitis with horseradish.

You probably have an old family cure for something.  Something that Grandma said would work.  And it probably does.  I invite you to contribute to this page with your family cure.

As I round up all the articles I have on Home Remedies I will list them here.  Of course when I find a new one I will give you a link in the Natural Health Blog.  Why not sign up for notification of new postings.

  • Natural - Safe or Deadly
    Natural - Safe or Deadly Just because "it" is natural doesn't mean "it" can't kill or cripple you. Homeopathic remedies work because they are strong medicines that impact the body.
  • Grow an Herb Garden Indoors
  • Baking soda
    Some of the things you can do to freshen yourself, your home and your pets with Baking Soda
  • Three Natural Cures
    Some old fashioned treatments for Asthma, Head Lice and Pink Eye
  • Treat sinusitis horseradish
  • Lavender Herbal Remedies
    Lavender Herbal Remedies to Wash Away the Ills of the Day Lavender has always been one of the most popular medicinal herbs.
  • Natures Tranquilizer Valerian
    The Valerian herb has rightly earned the reputation as nature's tranquilizer. Indeed, this popular herb is known to calm the nerves without any of the side effects that prescription drugs have to offer..
  • The Healing Scent of Jasmine Herbal Remedies
    The Healing Scent of Jasmine Herbal Remedies Jasmine has long been loved for its wonderful scent. This climbing plant blooms with one of the most aromatic flowers in the garden
  • The Elder Plant A Healing Herb for All Reasons
    The Elder Plant A Healing Herb for All Seasons   The Elder plant is so highly regarded by traditional herbalists and naturopaths that it has gained a reputation as a sort of 'complete medical...
  • Bone Healing Comfrey
    Bone Healing Comfrey is an old herb that has been used for centuries to heal fractures. An old folk name for comfrey is knit bone, which is a reminder of how the plant...
  • The Healing Power of Marshmallow
    The Healing Power of Marshmallow   It is believed that the marshmallow plant has been used to create herbal remedies since Ancient Egyptian times. The plant itself takes its name from the Greek...
  • Head Lice Treatments
    Head Lice Treatments This is a great article about the hazards of over the counter or prescription medications to kill head lice. Although you may be tempted to rush out and buy a quick easy albiet not inexpensive treatment, please be aware of the potential dangers of such action.
  • Beauty and Healing With Borage
    Beauty and Healing With Borage The leaves and flowers are known to contain saponins, tannins, mucilage, vitamin C, potassium and calcium
  • Cinnamon Home Remedies
    Cinnamon Home Remedies The modern scientific community has jumped on the band wagon and has come out with some interesting reasons why Cinnamon is a boon
  • Natural Can Be Dangerous






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