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Health Reports For Women


Although some diseases are common to both sexes, some problems are exclusive to women. Because nature is so diverse or is it perverse, no one set-in-stone list of symptoms will be experienced.

Your lifestyle which includes diet and exercise as well as stress control will have a major impact on what diseases you encounter.  You may suffer with the same things your mother and grandmother did.  I inherited bunions.  You may avoid what they knew by having a more healthy diet and getting your exercise every day.

You may be challenged by more stress than your mother or grandmother ever even thought about.  Yet again, maybe not --- maybe just different.

The one thing we all have in common is the worry about our family and friends.  We try to keep them all in good health, but you cannot live someone else's life for them. 

Some of the articles in this section will be about you and some about your family. 

If you have a particular concern, let me know if you don't find a reference to it here.

What are the biggies for women?  How about breast cancer, menopause, wrinkles, arthritis, and Alzheimer's.

We have the constant TV commercials telling us that only the young are beautiful and worthwhile.  We are told that only the thin can be appreciated.  We are shown that older women are cast aside and forgotten.

Only you can set your own value.  You are who you are not how you look.  Who loves you and who do you love? Your contribution to the world is your value.  Your contribution may be your children and your knowledge. It may be your humor and your love.  It may be your compassion.  You are all these and more.  You want to be healthy for a long life to be shared with all you love.  You want your family to be healthy. 

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