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I have had problems with sciatic pain most of my adult life.  So did my mother and grandmother and probably her mother.  We all have one leg just slightly shorter than the other, although my mother had such a difference that she had a lift in one shoe.

I started taking Turmeric for knee pain (which I no longer have) and discovered that it also helped with the Sciatica. Remember Turmeric is wonderful for reducing inflammation.

I think another thing that has helped avoid sciatic pain is using my wii fit everyday. 

So enjoy and learn from this guest article Sciatic Nerve Relief.

Sciatic Nerve Relief - Ways to Get it Now!

By D.I Andrews

Suffering from Sciatic nerve pain isn't something that you want to allow to continue. When you need to get sciatic nerve relief fast, here are some ideas that you can try. Keep in mind that they aren't a permanent solution so you still want to look into seeing professional opinions about the situation. Yet there is no reason for you to be sitting around in pain when there are actions you can take now to stop it.

Reduce the Inflammation
When you are successful in your efforts to reduce inflammation, you will have less pain due to Sciatica. You can apply ice packs to the area several times a day for the first couple of days. Then switch to heat as that will help loosen things up as well. Take over the counter medication that is designed to reduce inflammation.

Continue to take the over the counter medication as directed for at least 48 hours. This way you can be certain you have done all you can to reduce the level of inflammation. If you only take a dose or two of it, the inflammation can return and that is going to increase the level of pain you experience.

Get Active
When you are suffering from Sciatica nerve pain, it can be tempting to lie around. However, research shows that spending more time sitting or lying down will make the pain worse. Get yourself up and moving even if it is only walking for 20 minutes or so several times a day. Stretch your muscles too so that they can be more flexible. Try to engage in a variety of exercises that are known to reduce Sciatica nerve pain.

Seek Medical Attention
Contact your doctor's office and explain to them the severity of the pain. Chances are they will get you an appointment right away. If they don't, consider going to a clinic or to the emergency room of a local hospital. The basic tests that will be conducted in any of these settings include an X-Ray, MRI, and a CAT SCAN.

While they are waiting for all of your test results to come back, they will likely give you some type of pain medication. If you still have a great deal of inflammation then they will also give you something to reduce it as well.

Alternative Options
You may want to schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor. They can move the spine into another direction. This will take the pressure off of the nerves and lessen the pain. Most of the time you can get into a chiropractor with such a need the same day or the next morning.

Find out if there are any licensed individuals in your area that offer acupuncture. This process involves thin needles and pins being inserted into the body. They don't cause very much pain and have been known to help relax the entire body. Scheduling a massage can be a great way to offset the pain caused by Sciatica as well.

Take your time to explore the various options that are out there. If you don't get immediate relief with one of them, try something else. That way you can end up with some options that do give you the sciatic nerve relief you seek.

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