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Hypnotherapy and IBS

One of the options available to people with IBS is hypnotherapy. This has proven to be an effective alternative treatment for IBS.

The type of hypnotherapy that is used with IBS is known as gut directed hypnotherapy. This was developed specifically with those who are fighting with IBS. It has proven to be effective with over eighty percent of patients who have used this alternative method to help with their problem.

Hypnotherapy allows the muscles to relax in a certain area. By changing the nerves in the brain with suggestions from hypnosis, IBS sufferers can then gain control over their IBS.

This approach was first investigated and used in 1984 through a University Hospital. It was found that using hypnotherapy, in relation to other methods had more success in relieving sufferer's problems. From here, the idea of hypnotherapy as a possible cure for IBS was improved with eventually several methods used to help those with IBS.

Usually, the first session of hypnosis will include evaluating and recording the symptoms that are related to IBS. The history of your condition will also be recorded in order to find what types of pains and how severe they are has happened. 

The person with IBS will then proceed into a series of sessions that include hypnosis. Usually, the sessions will last for a certain amount of time and will be done over a series of six to twelve weeks. This will depend on how long the sessions are, as well as how serious your condition is in relation to IBS.

Different hypnosis specialists will change the amount of time that is part of the treatment, mostly in relation to their personal preferences. 

From here, the person with IBS will have the ability to gain control over their condition and symptoms. While hypnotherapy is not known as a cure for IBS forever, it is known to improve conditions and allow the person to feel a new sense of control over their problem. Because it is not an invasive type of therapy on your system, it will also have no side effects and will not cause harm if it doesn't work.

By knowing what hypnotherapy is, you can determine whether it will be right for your IBS condition. This, in turn, can help you to improve and control your situations with IBS.

Although it is not hypnosis, consider EFT as an alternative therapy to eliminate IBS symptoms.


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