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IBS and Your Job


If you have to be at work everyday, you may be finding complications in being able to concentrate on your work. You may also be finding that you have to take several sick days to recover from flares from your IBS.

In consequence, this may be affecting others in the work relationship they have with you. Deciding how to deal with IBS while at work can help you feel more comfortable with where you are working and give you more options with dealing with the syndrome.

One of the factors to consider about IBS in your work area is whether you should tell anyone that you have IBS.

This is an important decision and may affect other options in your work area. You may have feelings of being discriminated against or that others may look at you differently. You also may not want it to affect your work life by causing you embarrassment or complications with others.

However, if your IBS is affecting your work, it is important to let at least your supervisor know. If you are under the care of a health professional, your insurance clerk already knows.

Today, very few employers will discriminate against you for having an illness that is being treated by a physician.  If you are self-diagnosed you cannot with accuracy tell your employer that you have IBS.  However, that being said, depending on your job, your frequent trips to the bathroom, may affect your ability to pull your share of the work load. You may have to take a different position until you have your IBS symptoms under control.

The major consideration that you will need to make is whether IBS being talked about will provide you more comfort or not. This can mostly be determined by the environment that you are working in.

There are certain types of people who will be more comfortable with the idea of IBS and will be understanding when you explain the problem to them. They will be able to provide you support to help deal with the problems. If your work environment carries different types of personalities it may not be advisable to talk about your condition. Many people will not understand what IBS is, and it may cause a negative atmosphere.

If you decide to tell others about your condition, you may get several benefits. For example, if you need to take sick time, others will understand why you are gone and will give you the proper time off. Other times, you may find that you are not alone in your work area with this condition, making it easier to cope.

If there are office politics, this may also cause complications, as your employer may use the IBS as an excuse to not give you the same considerations as everyone else.

Knowing when to tell people in your work place about IBS is important. It is also important to know how others will respond to the situation.

It can be expected that some employees will understand your condition, while others may have a problem understanding what it is and why it is affecting your work. Deciding on who to tell and whether to bring your chronic condition to the work place should be considered from several aspects before deciding who to confide in.


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