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Improving Chi

Do you know how to improve the Chi in your life? According to a friend of mine, to give energy to the things you want to happen, you write down those things.

You write one item on a small slip of paper. You can have as many slips of paper as you need. You put them all in a bowl.

Twice a day you stir the bowl with your hand. You do this for nine days. All of your intentions and requests that once did not have any chi behind them will now be enlivened and start to work for you because you are stirring them up.

To increase the power of this, you add uncooked rice to the bowl. I believe it has something to do with rice being a plentiful food.

It sounds mystical and in the realm of the genie granting all your wishes.

However, think about it for a minute or two. You write down what you want. That makes that dream more of a reality especially if you write it as though it were a present reality.

Now, twice a day you have to go to that bowl and stir it up. That brings to mind all the things you have written down. That brings in the attraction factor. That also brings those things to the top of the mind and makes you more open to seeing the possibilities around you that can influence making those things a reality.

If one of your dreams is to be fit and healthy by taking a walk every day -- well what if you stir that bowl and that reminds you to go take your walk.

Maybe not so mystical after all.





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