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Basic Infection Control - What Is That?


Every day it seems you read something about pandemic avian flu or MRSA.  Scares you to even think of going to the doctor's office let alone a hospital.  The biggest threat to your health is getting MRSA in your hospital setting. 

With world wide travel a daily event, no disease can be contained in a small area any more. Just where does infection control come into this picture.  YOU!

You are responsible for your own health and the health of your family.  You are the one to teach your children and help keep your friends and family informed on what works and what is life threatening.

Something as simple as washing your hands can keep you well.  Do it wrong and you just wasted your time and could even have created a haven for bacteria.

Most of us have heard the statement that the kitchen is the dirtiest room in the home with more bacteria than a bathroom.

We have all gone to battle with infection and inflammation.  A simple cut on your finger can turn into sepsis and kill you.  Most cuts just heal nicely thanks to the overall health of your body.  Systems are in place that recognize damage and go to work to repair it.

Basic Infection Control is Simple

Best advice - wash your hands often, eat right, and get plenty of exercise.  Good food nourishes those systems that play a part in fighting infection.  Exercise keeps us strong and helps remove toxins from the body.

There is much more you can do and the more you do the more you protect yourself from infection from any source.  You can't stop a stranger from coughing or sneezing on you at the grocery store.  You can't tell just by looking if the last person in the public bathroom washed their hands before they touched the door knob. You can notice if your doctor washes his hands when he comes into the examination room.

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