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Life after Breast Cancer Treatment

I saw a friend today - She had a double mastectomy this past February.  5 years ago one breast had a tumor and just the tumor was removed and radiation therapy applied.  In February the cancer had returned and was in both breasts. Her breast cancer treatment was both surgical and chemical.

She remains cheerful. Her hair has all grown back. She wears no prosthesis. She told me she lives one moment at a time.  Her husband has very poor health with cancer of his own and a mental state that is not stable. He served in Vietnam and has never been quite "right" since in spite of several attempts at treatment.

She has survived Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer treatment.  You would not say her survival has been due to the perfect family support or employer support.  She was not allowed to return to work. Yes she has grown much closer to her daughter and grandchildren.  She has tremendous faith in God. She plans for the future but lives moment to moment. She has the mentality of a survivor.

What is in the future for any woman who has had breast cancer treatment?  What will her life be like?  How does her diet and lifestyle affect her survival rate?  How does the support and acceptance of her family affect her? What will happen to her job?

Some women have found that group therapy with women who have gone through the same emotional stages are great in helping cope with the trauma of breast cancer.  The support of fellow breast cancer survivors can encourage and give hope for their own disease and the quality of life they can expect.

Quality of life may be the most important part of breast cancer survival.  If a support group can give hope and improve quality of life, it may be the best course of action for most breast cancer patients.

Although there is no convincing evidence that eating soy products will increase your chances of breast cancer survival, there may be evidence to show that it could act like estrogen and cause cancer cells to multiply.  Breast cancer patients may want to avoid soy products until more study is done to find out if soy will hurt the healing process of breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivors can change their diet and lifestyle to increase their survival rate.  Taking care of your body, eating healthy, getting enough exercise, and staying away from alcohol, tobacco products, and sugar will help ensure you will continue to recover. 

Exercise and its effect on breast cancer are not known, but exercise can help in other areas of your life.  Exercise can give you stress relief and keep your weight at a steady level.  When you exercise, your mood is raised and you are more capable of dealing with the little problems in life that are worsened if you are sick. Weight training can increase muscle strength and make movement easier and safer.

There are many avenues of research yet to be done by scientists and researchers.  The effect of chemical exposure on breast cancer rates, studying new methods of treatments and researching new drugs are all areas that need our attention. 

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer today have a much better chance of surviving the disease than women did twenty years ago.  It is important for women to realize that having a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.  The survival rate for breast cancer is up to 86 percent.  That means that 86 women out of one hundred can expect to survive breast cancer.

Since early detection is key to the treatment of any cancer, follow your doctor's advice on testing.  If you find any lump or deviation of the normal, go see your doctor.  Better to be told it is nothing, than to find you waited too long.

Alternative breast cancer treatments are available.

Alternative medicines can also be used as complimentary treatments. Relaxation therapy, meditation, spiritual practices, herbal medicines, and vitamin treatments are all alternative and complementary treatments for breast cancer. Talk with your physician to help in planning for these treatments.

Special funding has been given to encourage the study of alternative and homeopathic treatments.  Also, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and energy healing may prove to be an asset in breast cancer treatment.  More study is needed to decide if these methods are good to use with standard cancer treatment.

In your quest to survive your breast cancer and the treatment, you may find that EFT can help. You will need to be watchful the rest of your life to detect any returning cancer but you can't live your life in fear.

If you are dealing with the beginnings of breast cancer treatment or the after affects, you know that stress must be managed and I can't think of anything that works better than EFT. You will have to learn to exercise again, and EFT can help with the pain and frustration that is involved in that as well. take a moment and check out this video that explains EFT.

Watch the new EFT video

The most important thing to remember is that --- yes  --- there is quality life after breast cancer treatment.




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