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Perianal Fistulas and German Shepherds

Bess developed perianal fistulas last year. This condition seems to only affect German Shepherds. The general prognosis is this is an incurable situation. I did research and my vet did research. He put her on Cephalexin twice a day and we had to clean her butt at the same time.

We were not seeing much healing until I started putting Castor Oil on the anal area after we cleaned it. On subsequent follow up visits, the vet remarked that he had never seen such quick healing. Even so, Bess was unable to have a bowel movement without biting off the feces.

I then added Cat's Claw and Cod Liver Oil in capsule form in the morning and evening. I am most happy to say that Bess can now have a bowel movement without assistance.

She is no longer taking the Cephalexin but I do continue to give her the Cat's Claw and the Cod Liver Oil. This is the same Cat's Claw that I take, I just give her less.

Training or Retraining Your Dog

Now that Bess is feeling better, we have started taking her on walks again. I do believe she has forgotten every bit of her training. She was totally ignoring me on commands. It was like trying to train a 80 pound puppy.
I needed help and fast. I could not sing the praises of this book more if I had written it. No matter what type of dogs you may have in the rest of your life time - you will not need any other book.

Taking our dogs for a walk is a pleasure. The exercise is great and the fresh air is intoxicating. But I must admit, the admiration for our beautiful German Shepherds is a very big plus.



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