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There are thousands of hotels, motels, and inns across the United States that accept guests with pets. Most hotels set their own policies, so it is important to call ahead and ask if pets are permitted and if there is a size limit and/or extra charge.

The following publications, available at most bookstores, provide listings of animal-friendly lodging:

  • Arden, Andrea and Emmanuelle Morgan. Fodor's Road Guide USA: Where to Stay With Your Pet.

  • Automobile Association of America. Traveling With Your Pet—The AAA PetBook.

  • Barish, Eileen. Vacationing With Your Pet.

  • Fish, Kathleen and Robert. Pets Welcome.

  • Grayson, Fred N. and Chris Kingsley. The Portable The Complete Guide to Traveling with Your Pet.

  • Habgood, Dawn and Robert. Pets on the Go: The Definitive Pet Accommodation and Vacation Guide.

  • Kain, Tara.'s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide.

  • Kain, Tara.'s California and Nevada Dog Travel Guide.

  • Nelson, M. E. The Pet Travel and Fun Authority of Best-of-State Places to Play, Stay & Have Fun Along the Way.

Check out the following websites for additional information on animal-friendly accommodations:

As you and your pet head off together, it's important for you to do your part to ensure that dogs and cats will continue to be welcomed as traveling companions. Obey local animal control ordinances, keep your animal under control at all times, and be thoughtful and courteous to other travelers.




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