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Probiotics and Diarrhea

One of the quickest ways to solve a diarrhea problem is with probiotics.

Your gut must have the good bacteria in order to function properly. Those good bacteria are killed off along with the bad when you take an antibiotic. Most everyone has experienced the bout of diarrhea that comes with the prescription for an antibiotic.

A lot of people will buy yogurt when they have to take a course of medicine.  That can work if you buy the right yogurt.

The life span of the good bacteria is limited so there needs to be a regular replacement of those good bacteria in order for the process of digestion and elimination to flow.

I take a probiotic daily just like I take my vitamin and mineral supplement. I want to make sure that all the available nutrition from the foods I eat are absorbed by my body.

If you use a laxative, you need probiotics or you could end of with diarrhea. If you suffer with IBS, you need probiotics. If you have a cold or flu, you need probiotics.

Those good bacteria also protect your gut as they fight off the bad germs and can usually shorten the time you spend feeling bad with the flu.

You can have a bout of diarrhea due to food poisoning.  That and vomiting are the body's defense against poison.  It is a quick effecient method of eliminating the problem food. 

But, you end up with a gut that is devoid of the good bacteria and you need to replace that with a good probiotic.

Keep your probiotic bottle in the refrigerator.





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