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Sixty --  Super  or  Sick

I can't be younger than I am, but I can be better!

Sixty, looking forward to retirement in just a couple of years or wondering if your company will force you out.

Not every one who reaches retirement age wants to retire.

Except for a few minor aches and pains, everything still works. Oh, the hearing may be a little off but that compensates for the increased snoring.

Unless you have led an exemplary life, you are starting to notice all the signs of ageing. You just can't ignore the wrinkles, the thinner skin, the pot belly, the lack of muscle tone.

It may be down hill from here, but it does not have to be a fall off a cliff.

You have a reasonable expectation of 20 more years on this earth. How are you going to be living them?

Some issues of life after 60 you may have already dealt with when helping your parents.  Still, some things have changed in the past few years and there just might be some new information you need to consider.

It is a different world on this side of the fence.  Come on over and check it out.

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    Are you looking for an Electric Mobility Scooter? TV ads, Internet Ads, Insurance approval, so many things to consider. Expense vs Freedom. Your physician will have
  • Long Term Care Insurance

 Long Term Care Insurance



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