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Flatten Your Belly with CLA

There is one popular supplement you may want to add to your efforts to reduce belly fat. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is popular because it works.

CLA is most abundant in protein-rich dietary sources such as meat and dairy products. It's also available in supplement form for those who question a high protein diet for cholesterol reasons.

CLA will not on its own reduce belly fat but in conjunction with your exercise program it will help to flatten your belly.

To flatten your belly you need to build the muscles that hold your mid section together in a compact package.

 You need lean strong muscles. And that is where CLA can help.  Studies have shown that the use of CLA can increase the conversion of fat to muscle.  You will not see as big a weight loss but you will see a flatter stomach as you increase muscle mass.

The most important plan to flatten your belly is 3 pronged.  You must eliminate sugar, reduce the amount of fatty foods you eat and exercise. Reducing the fatty food intake is a real problem for most of us.

There was a study conducted at University College London that looked at the hormone Peptide YY - also known as PYY - a hormone that regulates hunger.

It is released into the blood stream in the stomach when eating protein, but nothing really starts to happen until it reaches the hypothalamus; a small region of the brain that drives a wide variety of behaviors, including eating, drinking, pleasure, anger and embarrassment. Another good reason to eat slowly and give your brain a chance to send the I'm full message.

If you are struggling to reduce calorie intake, in order to flatten your belly, it might be very beneficial to find a way to naturally trigger PYY production and sidetrack the desire to eat.

When the average Western diet is compared to the estimated diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, two differences stand out clearly: We consume a lot more carbohydrates than they did, and much less protein. The carbs do not raise the PYY level.

"We've now found that increasing the protein content of the diet augments the body's own PYY, helping to reduce hunger and aid weight loss."

That quote comes from Dr. Rachel Batterham, the lead researcher for the University College London team. The quote appears in a press statement, released by Cell Press, the publishers of the journal Cell Metabolism in which the study was recently published.

So, eat a little protein with each meal, take your CLA with each meal, and continue to take that daily walk. The weight will come off and you will flatten your belly.  Once you start the exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles you will really see a change.  But like most things, it does take time.  You did not build that belly over night even though it may seem to be a sudden change.  You have years of abuse that contributed to that belly bulge.  The best thing about CLA, it seems to pull stored fat from the belly area to convert to muscle.

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