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Skin Care for All Ages

You would not treat baby skin the same an acne prone teenage skin or over 40 sun damaged skin.

Is there anything you can do to change the damage to 75 year old skin? Can you make it thicker so those bruises and skin tears go away.

So, the first thing to determine about skin care is how old are you.

Then you must determine what type of skin you have -- oily, dry, or the common combination skin.  Does a change of season make a change for you and your skin.

What about daily behavior - do you spend a lot of time in the sun or in a really dry office environment.

Consider your diet, what do you normally eat and drink.

Do you wash your face once a day, twice, multiple times. What do you use to wash with, is it too strong, too harsh, too oily?

And hands, how often in a 24 hour period do you wash your hands.

Do you use hair products that can get on your face from your pillow case.

Are you acne prone even with wrinkles starting to make an appearance.

What is that funny bump? Just how contagious is that condition?

Lots of questions ----- and I have lots of answers.


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