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Skin Your Body's First Defense

Is it your best defense against bacteria or an ugly battle ground and you are losing?

Your skin does more than just hold all those muscles and tendons and bones together.  It is the first line of defense again toxins and infections.

It is also the most abused organ in our body.  We burn it with too much sun. We starve it with too little sun. We dry it out with artificial heating and cooling and too hot showers.  We cover it with perfumes and additives in our soaps and shampoos and cosmetics.

A simple fact of life is that in the aging process the skin becomes thinner and more fragile, less able to protect the body from invasion.

How many of us are almost in tears over the appearance of our skin. 

  • We fight wrinkles,
  • we cover up scars and blemishes. 
  • We cry over psoriasis and eczema.
  • We fear MRSA type infections.
  • We are plagued by skin tags and warts and moles.
Ah, the moles, is it cancer or just ageing and will it turn into cancer. Equally life threatening as a cancerous mole is a skin tear that is exposed to MRSA. That skin infection can be life threatening. Sores that won't heal, lesions that just keep spreading.

Every chemical or toxin in the air is on your skin and is being absorbed at this very moment.  Frightening I know.

Everything you drink or eat contributes to the health of your skin --- or shortens its life and beauty.  Your daily habits and contacts can expose you to skin infections that can have nightmare results.  A simple cut or scratch can turn deadly in an instant.

In today's world we are all aware of MRSA.  If you aren't you should be. Researchers believe that MRSA developed because of an over use of antibiotics and killed the lesser strains of germs and allowed a more virulent powerful strain to become common.

MRSA can be easily spread by touching an infected area or touching a non living surface that has been touched by an infected area.  School gyms and locker rooms are in a state of upheaval trying to sterilize everything used by the children.

It is a scary world our skin now faces.



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