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Teens and IBS


If you have children between the age of twelve and seventeen, they may be candidates for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you have a young person in your family who you think has this problem, there are several steps as well as precautions that you can take. This will allow them to live with the problem more comfortably, as well as allow you to make the proper moves to help them.

IBS is not a symptom directly related to age. Because of this, it is easy for teens as well as children to get the same symptoms as adults. If you find your teen may have symptoms related to IBS, it is important to get them the proper treatment. Doing this will help them lead a healthy lifestyle during their teenage years and for years to come.

If your child is consistently complaining of stomach cramps to get out of going to school, consider IBS. Although questions about their bathroom habits may be embarrassing for teenagers, it is important information. Ask your teenager to keep a food journal.

IBS may be the culprit if your child suffers pain and cramping at testing times.

The first step that you can take in determining what to do for your teen is to observe the actions they are taking that may relate to IBS. If you see them consistently going to the restroom, or if they seem uncomfortable, they may have the symptoms for IBS.

Many teens will not want to talk about this problem, however, it will be important for you to ask them what is going on and what you can do to help. It is important to note that with the changes in hormone levels and body functioning during teenage years it may also cause them to be more susceptible to IBS.

From here, you can take them to a doctor or physician for testing. This will help in determining what is going on in your teenagers' body. You may find that it is IBS, or another disorder that is part of their digestive system. Speaking to them about the tests first will be important. This will allow them to feel comfortable with their doctor visit.

The next step to take will be to help them in finding the right cure. Changing their diet can play a large factor in helping to cure their IBS. This means adding more fiber to what they are eating as well as giving  more fluids. Restrict their cola intake as well as sugar and fries.

This will be important to do before offering over the counter medication. While it is usually fine for teenagers to take medications in smaller doses, some of the medicines can be stronger than expected and can all cause side effects.




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