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Travel Tips to Manage IBS

If you travel on a regular basis, either for business or pleasure and suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you will want to avoid the flare ups as much as possible.

If you rarely travel because of the fear of having an IBS episode, perhaps these 10 tips will help.

1. Relax. Stress will irritate your digestive system, and cause your IBS to flare up. Give yourself lots of extra time to get to the airport. Start packing 2 days before you leave so there are no last minute packing errors. Remember to buy appropriate toiletries for air travel.

2. Consider your method of travel. It may be easier to take a road trip rather than flying. However, if you are flying, make sure that you are sitting in the aisle and are close to a restroom. This not only gives you a feeling of being prepared, but also allows you to feel in control, which will prevent stress.

3. Know the available pit-stops. If you are driving, you should pay attention to how close each service station is, as well as where you would be able to stop if needed. This will help if your digestive system begins to flare.

4. Be prepared with lodging. Try to avoid staying in an accommodation that has a shared restroom. You may also want to see if you can arrive early or leave late.

5. Bring your medication. Always have your medication on hand when you are traveling. If possible get an extra bottle to carry in your suitcase so that you can have one bottle in your purse or pocket.

6. Know how to reach your physician. If you run into problems during your travels, have your physician's number in hand. You may also need to make sure that you have a cell phone that will allow you to access your local area without extra charges.

7. Be prepared for refills. If you run out of prescription medicine while on your travels, make sure that you have the refill documentation on hand to get more medication. If traveling outside your home country, know what the requirements are to refill a prescription in the country you will be visiting.

8. Know what to expect overseas. If you are traveling outside of the United States, be prepared for different types of restrooms. You should know how to ask where the restroom is in the local language, and be prepared for things such as pay toilets.

9. Bring the right foods. If you know that you have IBS, then you may also already know which foods will irritate your digestive system. You can help to prevent IBS during your travels by avoiding the foods that irritate your symptoms.

Remember that any water that you are not used to drinking can easily cause digestive upsets even in people without IBS. Carry bottled water as well as bringing a bag of snacks that you know will not aggravate your condition.

10. Think of the best and prepare for the worst. By planning ahead on what you need, you can easily enjoy travels and your vacation. The major consideration is to make sure that you have the necessary means to prevent your IBS, and being prepared to react in case it does.

Those with IBS are often hesitant to travel. However, you can enjoy your travels by being well prepared. Try not to get stressed by trying to fit too many things into your vacation or business trip.



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