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Treatment Options for IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Having Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause considerable discomfort and pain. This can often get in the way of your normal, everyday functioning. If you believe that you have IBS, there are several steps that you can take in order to help solve the problem.

The first step you can make to treat IBS is to educate yourself on the symptoms you are experiencing and why they are occurring. There are several different parts of the body that are related to IBS. By knowing why IBS occurs and what it is associated with, you will know what you need to do as an individual to get the correct treatment.  

Many people consult with a doctor, while others will try to find ways for self-help. Depending on how severe your IBS is and what it entails, you can find the right resources to turn to. If you decide to consult with a doctor, make sure that they understand the problem and how long it has been occurring. Consulting with others is also a good way to find the right treatment options. These will help you in finding ways to solve your IBS problem.

Self diagnosis and self treatment options

If you decide to attempt a treatment option by yourself, then a good place to begin is by looking into the foods that you eat. Often, IBS is a result of poor diet. Not receiving enough fiber or vitamin supplements will often cause reactive symptoms. Once you have monitored your diet, you can establish the changes that need to be made either through your food variations or through supplements that you want to add to your diet.

There are several over the counter medications as well as those that are prescribed by a doctor. If your IBS is severe, and other options do not appear to be working for you, then finding the right medications can serve a purpose in helping your digestive tract to get on the right track again.

Finding ways to control your mental stress will help your muscles to relax which will decrease your IBS symptoms. The nerves in the brain are connected through the rest of the body. Having too much anxiety or stress in your system may cause problems with your lower intestine. Exercise, physical activities, or time away from your daily activities can all add value to your treatment. Try meditation and EFT. This will help your lower abdomen to relax and begin stretching, helping it move it back to normal functioning.

Above all, if your self treatments bring you no relief, please consult your physician. 




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