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What if It Not IBS

Before you decide you are suffering from IBS, you should make sure that the proper diagnosis is made so you can decide on an appropriate treatment.

IBS is becoming a more well known chronic condition among a large population especially in westernized society. It is important you consult your doctor about the relevant diagnosis being made.

Once you have a definitive diagnosis you can determine steps you need to take either for IBS or for another chronic condition or disease. There are several other gastrointestinal disorders that can cause a disorder in your digestive tract and it's important you recognize them.

IBS has specific characteristics that make it recognizable as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For example for it to be classed as IBS, it must have been present for at least twelve weeks. There will be time frames given to the periods in which you are able or not able to digest your food.

Constipation and diarrhea, as well as abdominal cramps and pain are associated with IBS as well. You may also discover nausea and bloated symptoms are part of the problem. All of these are symptoms of IBS, and if you have other further symptoms then it may not be IBS.

Even if you have all of these symptoms, you still may not be dealing with IBS. Parasites in your intestinal tract are known to be a problem in some people which can mimic IBS.

If intestinal parasites are the problem, it is important to see a healthcare provider and clean out your system. This will then get rid of the problems associated with the cramps and digestion problems you may be suffering with.

Crohn's disease may also be the problem. This is a more severe disorder that not only affects the digestive system, but also other systems in the body, from your esophagus to your stomach. However, you may feel the worst symptoms in the digestive area, or this may be where the symptoms begin before taking on other forms in different parts of the body.

If you have other symptoms besides the ones in IBS, you may be dealing with Crohn's. It will be important to take different steps to help relieve this problem so again ensure you seek medical help for your problem.

Before jumping to conclusions about your digestive problem, make sure you know the details about what IBS is as well as other possibilities. Determining the right problem is the easiest way to find a solution. From here, you can find a variety of remedies to help cure your digestive problem.



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