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How and Why Skin Ages

Laugh lines are the face's memories of joyful living.

Since we have been taught by every advertising agency that fine lines and wrinkles are the first telltale sign of getting old, anti-aging goods and services account for billions of dollars spent in the hopes of delaying the onset of skin aging.

Actually history is full of stories about women who maintained their youthful skin even if only in their own minds. Queens covered their faces with egg whites and flour to create a smooth mask. Clay has been a staple for preserving a youthful skin since the first person found that soaking in a mud bath made them look and feel better.

As a society we value the appearance of beauty very highly. We think and some times rightly so, that our youthful beauty or lack of is a leading factor in keeping a spouse or attracting a spouse or companion. In some cases we even feel that our physical appearance has an effect on getting or keeping a job. We value the appearance of youth rather than the wisdom of the older person.

Please think for a moment, how many of your friends do you have as friends just because of their appearance? How many call you a friend just because of your appearance? It truly is the beauty inside that really counts in the long run.

That being said let's look at what we can do to retain our beautiful youthful skin.

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