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Low Testosterone Helped
by Creams and Gels

In the search for an easy way to increase testosterone, many men are looking at creams and gels and patches.

The first rule is don’t self diagnosis or self medicate - see your doctor.  There is a specific test that will show just how low the testosterone level is.  You need this information before you start any course of replacement testosterone therapy.

A testosterone level of 300-1,000 ng/dl is considered normal.  That is a pretty big range. What works for one man may be way off for another.  The fact is that men simply slow down production of testosterone as they age.  The highest level is around age 17 (who would have ever guessed that). Research shows that the level decreases an average of 1.2% a year. That is average - not absolute.

 Side Effects of Testosterone Creams
These are possible side effects which are usually mild but can grow more severe unless treatment is given.

Depression - mood disorders and anxiety
Stomach pain and indigestion
High Blood pressure because of fluid retention
Headaches and or Dizziness
Skin irritation in the area where the cream is applied.
Prostate problems - if you already have prostate problems you must not use testosterone cream
Testosterone cream is rubbed into different areas of the body just once a day.  It can be applied to thighs, stomach area, arms or shoulders.  To avoid skin irritation, the application area should be alternated every day. If irritation occurs anyway, you need to consult with your doctor.

This ritual does not go on continuously - you will have to take a break after 8 weeks of use.  Conversely, you must use it daily during that 8 week period.  This is not a hit or miss proposition.

Replacement Testosterone Therapy requires a doctor to closely monitor the PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels.

You need to be monitored by a physician is you are going to try using testosterone creams, gels or the patches.  You don’t want to trade one annoying problem for a deadly one.




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